Expertise, Competence, and Professionalism

  1. I am a brown belt in Shotokan Karate with the Japan Karate Association (JKA), Age 8 years old to 14 years old, from 1992-1998.

  2. I have run a sub-5-minute mile (4:51) in Spring of 2000 (age 16 years) in Lake Forest, Illinois. I have coached myself to run multiple sub-4-hour marathons in 2003, age 19 years, in Chicago, Illinois, USA. On my first marathon (a small Chicago marathon, the Lakeshore Marathon in June of 2003 I got a plaque that said 2nd place 19 and Under).

  3. I have a four-year Bachelor’s Degree from The Colorado College that I completed in 3.5 years due to heavy course load, age 18 to 21, 2002-2005. During that time I earned credits from 3 additional universities: The London School of Economics (LSE), 2003, age 19, The Sea Education Association (SEA), 2003-2004, age 19-20, and University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB), 2004, age 20.

  4. I am Hollywood-trained actor from the Acting Corps, North Hollywood, CA, in 2008, age 24.

  5. I have traveled to 5 continents, lived in USA, Australia, Mexico, and France, and traveled to over 18 countries around the world, 2000-2011, age 16 to 27.

  6. I am a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) from the International Coach Academy, 2009-2011, age 25 to 27.

  7. I maintained a self-hosted wordpress blog with over 800 posts and over 150 podcasts on my old website that was active for 10 years, 2003-2013, age 19 to 29.

  8. I am an author whom has written over 3.4 million words in books, journals, and articles. If you consider a book to be 200,000 words, this is more than 17 books I have written, 2001-2018, age 17 to 34.